Garage Floor Tiles

Garage Floor Tiles

PVC garage floor tiles

Image courtesy LockTile USA

Perhaps the most confusing option in the world of ‘garage flooring’ is the garage floor tile option. There are so many brands and products on the market that it makes it very difficult to know what you should purchase.

The first and most basic decision you need to make is what type of tile material you want to use. There are softer (but far from soft) garage floor tiles. These are made from PVC. Popular brands include TrueLock PVC, Tuff Seal and Lock Tile. There are also several brands from overseas. They offer more flexibility, better sound deadening and a more seamless appearance in a single color. They do not have the gaps between each of the tiles and they are generally larger. The cons are they can stain much easier, especially from tires and should be protected using an acrylic floor finish. A quality PVC tile is generally going to range from about $3.50 to $7 per square foot.

When it comes to materials, the second option is polypropylene. These are rigid interlocking garage floor tiles that are made of what amounts to hard plastic. They can be used to create awesome patterns, including the most common checkerboard look. They are lighter weight, less expensive (in general) and much harder and less flexible. They also tend to be more stain resistant. The square edge in preferable for consumers to add a pattern to their floor. Potential downsides include the gaps between the tiles where moisture and dirt can hide and the potential to make noise and amplify noise inside the garage.

Once you decide on a material, you need to decide on a brand. We prefer American Made garage floor tiles like TrueLock, MotorMat, LockTile, Evertile and Tuff Seal. G-Floor also makes a great self stick product.

If you are looking for a cheap, budget friendly garage floor tile, we suggest you have a look at this recent article from All Garage Floors.

If you do decide on an polypropylene product, we suggest you check with the manufacturer about using a landscape fabric or other underlayment underneath. Often this will help reduce noise.

One common issue with almost all garage floor tiles is expansion and contraction. This is something you need to be very aware of, especially if you leave your garage door open. Garage floor tiles can expand from heat and especially from direct exposure to the sun. If proper consideration is not given, the floors can tent, buckle or a wave can be created!