Garage Floor Mats

Garage floor mats are perhaps one of the most popular and simplest options for covering your garage floor. They are generally affordable and easy to install. Products like those from Better Life Technology

G-Floor Coin Garage Floor Mats Shown in Gray

The coin garage floor mats from Better Life Technology has been one of their best sellers

are Made in The USA from high quality PVC materials. Better Life Technology products, sold under the G-Floor brand are available in coin, diamond, Levant and ribbed patterns. They also offer custom mats and clear garage floor mats at a hefty premium.

In addition to being American Made, G-Floor has several other advantages. They have a large color selection and a wide range of stock sizes. They have smooth backed material and felt backed material for those looking for a fully adhered installation option — especially those redoing trailers.

There are several competitors to the G-Floor product, however most of the other mats are imported from China . Imported mats have been rolled longer and appear to be less likely to flatten out. They also do not appear to be colored all the way through.

Carpet mats from manufacturers like Drymate and the Drymate Max product have also become very popular. While PVC mats keep water on top of the mat, the Drymate Max line absorbs it. This contains moisture and gives you a safe place to walk.

Generally PVC flooring does not require any harsh chemicals, difficult preparation or extended installation periods. They are usually installed as a floating floor and rarely glued down. It may be necessary from time to time to move the mats and remove any bubbles or ripples that occur from natural expansion and contraction.