G-Floor Small Coin Garage Floor Mats Taking Industry by Storm

G-Floor Small CoinThe new G-Floor small coin garage floor mats appear to be taking the industry by storm. For reasons that have not been made public the product only appears to be available through a select number of dealers. The small coin garage mats fill a void in the industry that was otherwise untouched.

For years there was a huge jump from the 55 Mil ribbed to other patterns. Because the small coin is thicker than the ribbed or leavant products but thinner than the traditional coin or diamond products, it presents an exceptional value. Equally important the pattern lends itself much better to working garages and shops because it is much easier to roll heavy equipment and creepers on.

Companies like Garage Flooring LLC have been active in marketing the product as shown in this YouTube video:

What remains unclear is where the product will be offered and why the distribution is currently so limited. While the product is available through major retailers like Sears and Amazon it appears to be through smaller independent merchants. The product appears to be manufactured by G-Floor.

The small coin garage floor mats are only available in a very limited number of sizes and colors. They are only available in gray or black with two basic roll sizes 8.5×24 and 10×24 and a special order 8.5×100. The product is also stocked in a felt backed material for trailer applications.

In general it does appear that major niche online retailers are strongly behind the product and nothing negative has shown up in the forums. G-Floor products can be installed as free floating floors and can also be fully adhered.

Like all new products, this product needs more time to see how well it is received in the marketplace. Given that it is made from the same materials as the rest of the Better Life Technology line, the product should have the same characteristics and has been tested for over a decade. Looks like this could be perhaps one of the best deals the garage flooring industry has to offer!