Chinese Garage Flooring Mats

Chinese Garage Flooring Mats are coming and they are coming quick. For years, large garage floor mats were made exclusively by Better Life Technology in Emporia KS. has learned that multiple manufacturers are launching competing products from China and other places overseas.

While some companies like Garage Flooring Inc have decided to market their foreign made products along side of the American garage flooring products –and they are joined by club stores like CostCo– many garage flooring dealers have elected to stay with products that are made in the USA.

According to some in the industry there huge differences in the quality from an American made garage floor to one that is made in China.

  • Always ask if your mat has been stored rolled or flat prior to being ordered. Mats that have been rolled for long periods of time may not relax and lay flat.
  • Ask what steps are being taken to keep lead out of foreign made product
  • Ask how long the product has been on the market in the USA
  • Ask what steps are being taken to control color from one lot to another and if you order multiple rolls are you guaranteed the same color lot.
  • Ask what the warranty is and what happens in the event of a freight claim

Products from China offer a definite price advantage over products that are made in the USA. That said just like the tools we pay extra for, you usually get what you pay for. Consider the long terms costs and consider who’s economy you want to support before buying a Mat that is made in China or anywhere outside the USA!


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